Xpecial Network

Empowering people on the Autism Spectrum


How was the Xpecial Network Project born?

The project emerged from 1 Billion Lives, SAP‘s global entrepreneurship program that provides guidance and financial incentive for innovative employee ideas.

Xpecial Network is a social network specializing in connecting individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), including their families, health and education professionals, schools, government, NGOs, businesses, public institutions and the entire impacted society, providing services such as content for training and early detection of autism signs, digital collaboration for therapeutic intervention, employability and socialization channels.

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Our goal is to deliver a future with more autonomy and possibilities for these people. ”Autists have large skills and low employability. This was one of the concerns we had when thinking about Xpecial”, said Mariana Guedes, one of the team’s members, when presenting the project at SAP Now, the largest Technology and Business event in Latin America.

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